Trip #1 - MAGIC
ALAN MOORE We are absorbing rebounding photons, sound waves in the air, feelings in our nerve ends and somewhere in our mind there is some frantic overworked devil that is putting them all together into some sort of coherent picture for us. But sometimes our eyes deceive us. Sometimes we hear things that are not there.
JOHN EDEN Magic, to me, is just a kind of method of manipulating symbols to cause change. I know that's a bit of a vague statement, but it can take in anything from language to making videos, to doing full-on pagan rituals.
GENESIS P. ORRIDGE I want to control what my body, my brain and my imagination do. I do not want to be limited to this dimension, this sexuality, any sexuality. Or even to the concept of thinking of myself as a human being.
JACK SARGEANT 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law'. Which, ostensibly, to my knowledge has been read as a kind of libertarian view, an approach to magic and to sexual magic and sex magic, in particular. And I mean, I think that's the main influence of magic on the underground, I guess.
JOHN EDEN It's about intent. Which is another kind of magical word. I mean people get as fannish about transgression as they do about Star Trek and both have things in them that are useful, but you've got to extract those from the kind of shell.
ALAN MOORE Let's start messing with reality. Let's see what we can do. Let's find out what reality is, let's see how plastic it is, how easy it is to shove around and shape, you know. And then see what effect that has.
TESSA HUGHES FREELAND In the mid eighties, I was very interested in the occult and the Crowleyan magic which developed into a more general interest in the spiritual, spirituality. I've always felt that film had its own alchemy, I mean just by the nature of the film and the light entering a hole and landing on chemicals.
CASANDRA STARK MELE It's all that we don't know, but feel in our hearts. It's little bits of the incomprehensible.
HANS SCHEIRL And I think the space of not knowing is a very, very good space to be in. Sort of like the emotions become confused. I think that's where transformation can start, a change can start.
TOMMY TURNER 'Where Evil Dwells' was about suburban life, kind of crashing in on itself. Ricky Casso was a high school kid. He grew up in the suburbs and he went to some extremes to get some attention. He talked a bunch of his friends into doing these rituals. They killed cats and dogs and shit like that. They tried to get into the satanic world because other kids would be scared of them, fear them, respect them. Ricky eventually killed Gary, who was a friend of his, supposedly because he stole angel dust. So then, Ricky said if he ever got caught,he would chase Gary's soul to hell and track him down. Which is what we did in 'Where Evil Dwells', after the other kid gets killed, he finds Gary and the devil and that's where the movie ends. He's happy; 'cause he like, got what he actually wanted.
JOHN EDEN Magic's very much a way of viewing things. It certainly shouldn't be the only way to look at things. But, once you start to look at things in that way, you find a useful exercise and you can see how things might work.
GENESIS P. ORRIDGE We should be looking for something fantastic and more than human, and something that's beyond all our perceptions in terms of what we might be able to be.
JOHN EDEN TOPY (Temple of Psychic Youth) was trying to kind of de-mystify the whole magic/pagan axis and try and make that accessible to everybody and not be stuck in a kind of rigid schools of the past. So, instead of having a bunch of people hanging around on top of a hill with robes on, we'd still be concerned with being able to do things in tower blocks with half-working television sets, or looking for magical aspects of going out dancing all night.
ALAN MOORE We don't actually live in streets and towns, we live in our idea of streets and towns. We live in our perception of streets and towns. It is the perception that's important and that is the territory of the psycho-geographer.
LEUTHA BLISSETT Psycho-geography was developed in Paris in the fifties, by some impoverished film makers. They didn't have cameras and they didn't have film, but they decided that they wouldn't let this prevent them getting on with film making. And this enabled them to think about the environment in which they were living, in a way, a bit different from just going from A to B or treating space in an entirely functional way. This is a response which I've become involved with and some of my friends have become involved with, to living in a highly-alienated environment.
ALAN MOORE Ideas enter our above-ground culture through the underground. I suppose that is the kind of function that the underground plays, such as it is. That it is where the dreams of our culture can ferment and strange notions can play themselves out unrestricted. And sooner or later those ideas will percolate through into the broad mass awareness of the broad mass of the populace. Occulture, you know, that seems to be perhaps the last revolutionary bastion.
LEUTHA BLISSETT The beach beneath the city streets. But also there's a notion of the gold of the Templars is beneath the city streets. Our life shouldn't be about working. It shouldn't be about the humdrum and the mundane. But should be about people reacting with each other and the environment in a creative way.
GENESIS P. ORRIDGE The exploration and the adventure, in and of itself, is really the point. And I think it's more of a fortuitous intersection when somebody's work collides with the authorities, the controlling cultural forces, and creates a scandal. And I think it's to everyone's benefit when that happens. I think that everyone comes out a winner. I think that a dialogue, a debate, a scandal is always good. That's how the royal family stay in power, right.
LEUTHA BLISSETT If you look at the way the monarchy is structured, it's showbiz. And it's not just recently it's been showbiz, it's always been about showbiz. Behind all of that was a system of psychological control, which is what the occult basically is about. It's a way of projecting one's will and one's ideas across to other people, often without them being aware of what's happening.
STEWART HOME You have to realise that the occult has been widely used by the ruling class, and what is the state opening of parliament if it isn't an occult ritual?
ALAN MOORE The real crux of the matter lies in the other definition of occult. The more general one of something that pertains to an invisible life or a spiritual life of some sort. And I'd say that it's there, where you've got the real nub of power politics.
STEWART HOME You can't deny that it's had an influence in society. But then, on any kind of mystical level, I have no real interest in the occult whatsoever. I mean, obviously I will adopt occult poses, because that will influence people. People will think, well, isn't that mysterious, maybe I'll go and buy his book and try and work out what this is all about.
GENESIS P. ORRIDGE Assume nothing is by accident. Assume everything is not for your benefit. Maintain the integrity of your private space, so that you've got a chance to think, because we're being inundated with garbage for a very, very specific reason.
JOHN EDEN The presentation of the National Lottery can be seen as a quasi-mystical event in its use of magical symbols and ceremonial imagery. A lot of people invest a lot of energy, a lot of kind of psychic energy, a lot of financial energy in this kind of entity, which you can look at as being a demon, and they feed it every week and it gets bigger and bigger and becomes more and more important in their lives.
STEWART HOME I am a master of the occult. Magic is when Wimbledon score a goal.


ALAN MOORE You can manipulate people's thoughts, you can manipulate people's reality, with the right words. Ask Goebbels. Ask Peter Mandelson. All of our world is made of words, is made of images. The people who manipulate those words, those images, those are the magicians and speaking personally I'd say that you shouldn't trust them any further than you can throw them.