Alan Moore Award-winning writer Alan Moore entered comics scripting in 1980, contributing to Britain's '2000 AD' and 'Doctor Who Weekly'. This was followed by 'Marvelman' and the orginal British run of 'V for Vendetta'. Moore entered the American comics scene in 1983 with DC Comics' 'Swamp Thing' and the acclaimed 'Watchmen' with Dave Gibbons. In 1988 Moore set up his own publishing imprint, Mad Love Publishing. Moore's recent work includes the aborted 'Big Numbers' currently in development as a possible television project, two continuing series 'From Hell' with Eddie Campbell and 'Lost Girls' with Melinda Gebbie. A novel 'Voice of the Fire' was published by Gollancz in 1996.
John Eden Occultist and key figure in the Association of Autonomous Astronauts
Genesis P Orridge Once billed as the Most Evil Man in Britain, Genesis P. Orridge lives in exile in the US. His forms of expression have taken the forms of "body-modification", trance music and underground video. The outer reaches of his genre have embraced "Sex Magick" - but probably the details remain cloudy. The tabloid press has always been drawn to such scandals - and, perhaps, such scandal-mongering. Certainly the term "Satanic Cult" was invoked.

But was it, finally, Art?

Jack Sargeant Film collector and author of 'Death Tripping The Cinema of Transgression'. More recently published 'Beat Cinema'
Tessa Hughes Freeland Maker of 'Baby Doll' and 'Nymphomania' and organizer of the NY Underground Film Festival
Casandra Stark Mele Poetess, painter and maker of the film 'Wrecked on Cannibal Island'
Angela Hans Schierl Trans-gender film maker and collaborator with performance artist Suzie Kruger
Tommy Turner Worked with David Wojnarowicz on 'Where Evil Dwells', based on true life drama of Ricky Kasso, a teen-satanist and suicide.
Leutha Blisset London Psychogeographic Society
Stuart Home Underground author, artist and occultist, based in London
Marisa Carr Professional stripper and performance artist with Dragon Ladies
Jorg Buttgereit Necrophilia film maker at the extreme edge. Films include: 'Nekromantik 1&2', 'Der Todesking', 'Corpse Art', 'Schramm' and 'Hot Love'
Annie Wright Maker of serial-killer films featuring Barbie dolls. Based in Amsterdam
Nick Zedd Grunge film maker with a political edge
Beth B The original riot girll and trangressive film maker
Richard Kern Cult New York underground film maker and well-established photographer
David Oswald Maker of fake(?) slasher movies. Based in Glasgow