La Cava - Quotes

An epic tale of unbridled passion and political intrigue, La Cava is now running at the Piccadilly Theatre.
Financial Times:
Everything about La Cava is huge: Big names, grand passions, epic story, towering set, soaring score.

Handsomely and fluidly staged by director Steven Dexter and performed with great gusto and energy.

Mail On Sunday:
It's a cracking tale - that rare thing in a musical of girl power, of passion, of forbidden love, of vengeance and heroism, of religious bigotry and betrayal.

Oliver Tobias is cast perfectly as the hunky chain-male king and Julie-Alanah Brighten's Florinda is a thoroughly modern heroine.

The Times:
Laurence O'Keefe and Stephan Keeling's score has size, energy and soul. Julie-Alanah Brighten's Florinda appears powerfully across the footlights.

Daily Telegraph:
The beautiful Brighten is something special; full of spirit and with a voice that raises the hairs on the back of your neck...

Striking choreography by Mitch Sebastian and epic wooden sets by Franc....

Thrilling theatrical spectacle.

Daily Express:
A musical romance with a real heartbeat...

Frederick Zollo, producer:
We are delighted to be reopening at The Piccadilly Theatre on August 21st. It provides an excellent West End location, with bookings now available until 2001...

La Cava is a wonderful and atmospheric musical, with a cast and crew who are passionate about their work. The show has had some minor changes for its reopening which will add even more excitement and drama to the production, and we are looking forward to a long and successful run at the new theatre.

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