La Cava - The CD
The London Cast Recording of the Passionate New Musical

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Book   by Dana Broccoli (based on her novel)
Music   by Laurence O'Keefe & Stephen Keeling
Lyrics   by John Claplin & Laurence O'Keefe
Additional Lyrics   by Shaun McKenna
Musical Supervision & Orchestrations   John Cameron
Original Orchestrations   Laurence O'Keefe & David de Palo
Musical Director   Michael Haslam
Sound Design   Clement Rawling
Track Listing
Act One: Act Two:
  1. A Place I Am Proud to Call Mine
    Tariq, Julian, Marcos, Somal, Ensemble

  2. I Will Hold You
    Somal, Florinda

  3. Little Girl
    Julian, Florinda

  4. My Dream Came True - I & II
    Roderic, Exilona

  5. Within These Walls
    Gurda, Isabel, Florinda, Girls

  6. The Bazaar
    The Orchestra (Roderic, Florinda)

  7. Why Did I Kiss Her?

  8. First Kiss
    Isabel, Florinda, Exilona, Gurda, Girls

  9. Death of Somal
    Florinda, Somal

  10. A Woman's Hands
    Agon, Florinda

  11. The Seduction
  1. Vengeance

  2. Montage
    Florinda, Roderic, Servants

  3. Say Goodbye

  4. Berber Dance

  5. What Would You Do For Your Child?
    Julian, Tariq

  6. Theo's Stars/The Wedding
    Theo, Isabel, Girls

  7. La Cava

  8. I Fall With You
    Julian, Roderic, Berbers, Soldiers

  9. Here I Am

  10. I Stayed Behind & The Battle
    Theo, Ensemble

  11. Finale Ultimio
    Roderic, Florinda

  12. UK TV Trailer
    Bonus CD-ROM Track

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